About RJ Stacey, Ltd.

RJ Stacey is a private corporation based in Detroit, Michigan that specializes in high-temperature, high-pressure online leak repairs for virtually any product or process chemical. For nearly forty years, our family of companies has been providing online leak repair and specialty pipeline services to major industrial clients and utilities throughout the Midwest.

We have grown from a single service company that offered online leak repairs to the steel mills in and around Detroit, to a diverse corporation that provides a variety of specialty online services to a large cross section of the Midwest's industrial base. Today we service refineries, power plants, chemical plants, steel mills, paper and pulp mills, mines, and an ever-expanding institutional base. Over the past 40 years we have developed new methods, offered new services, and grown as a safety-first company – what we have not done is stray from our core values. We are an online, on-stream pipeline intervention company - and we're true experts at it. If you need our help, call us 24-7.