Blast Furnace Services and Hot Spots

RJ Stacey cut its teeth on integrated steel mills, and we understand what it takes to keep them running. There is no industry on earth with such a diverse array of components, each with its own unique needs. RJ Stacey has developed skills and procedures over nearly 20 years of mill experience to match these needs exactly. We have evolved into a highly-specialized service company with as many innovative solutions as the mill has challenges.

We have made successful online repairs to most Mill concerns including:

  • city water
  • coke plant operations
  • compressed air / nitrogen
  • cooling rings
  • freeze stops
  • furnace goosenecks
  • hotblast valves
  • hottaps
  • hottaps through shell and firebrick

  • injectable cleaners to free clogged valves
  • inspection cover flanges
  • millwater
  • mixer valves
  • plating caustics / lined piping leaks
  • steam piping
  • line stops
  • thermowells
  • windmain leaks

Hot Spots: Typical hot spot repairs involve welding couplings onto the side of the stove/boiler, then staging an outage to allow drilling through the shell and pumping grout into the weakened areas. RJ Stacey offers hotspot repair services which require no welding of an external shell. Instead, we tap the shell with our leak sealing injectors and pressure-grout the hotspot with no welding... and no outage. The result is a highly- effective and cost-efficient repair with zero loss of production.

For more detailed examples of these and other repairs, please view our sample projects section.

*Thermographic imaging courtesy of SKF Reliability, Inc.