Freeze Stops

When a fast, effective line stop is required, RJ Stacey uses industry-proven techniques combined with years of field experience to produce a "Freeze Stop". This unique process creates a safe, dependable stoppage that can be maintained indefinitely while downstream repairs are completed. Properly administered Freeze Stops do not alter the metallurgy of your pipeline in any way, even satisfying the strict requirements of the NRC for use inside nuclear facilities. RJ Stacey uses only top-quality equipment and procedures, assuring you of industry-leading techniques and the highest-quality results.

When a freeze is just what you need

A controlled pipeline freeze is a safe and economical means of isolating a pipeline for maintenance in cases where no pipeline flow exists. A freeze jacket is secured around the pipe and injected with liquid nitrogen or CO2 to reduce the temperature to -220°F. This extremely low temperature creates a "freeze plug" by quickly solidifying the product inside the pipeline. Once the freeze plug has been formed, it can withstand pressures of up to 8,000 psi with a max endpull of 225,000 lbs. This approach is especially useful for the replacement or addition of valves and gauges without the loss of pipeline product or pressure. Freeze Stops can be effectively achieved on pipelines from ½" to 42" and can be used to stop almost any liquid products such as water, oils, brines, slurries, and chemicals.

When a simple freeze... simply isn’t enough

While Freeze Stops are an innovative and dependable solution for many temporary pipeline isolation needs, they are not a universal remedy. Parameters of flow, pipeline content, and pipeline configuration give a clear indication when a Freeze Stop is appropriate. In those cases where the situation dictates a mechanical solution, RJ Stacey instead utilizes a unique procedure to halt any product at any flow, at temperatures up to 1,200°F and pressures to 2,200 psi! With RJ Stacey, your plant has a variety of dependable options - and they don’t include a shutdown!

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