Sample Projects

Online leak repairs are regularly completed by RJ Stacey on any pressure – from vacuum to 6500 psi, and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 2000° F. Our advanced methods allow these repairs to be made effectively on a wide variety of leaks without taking valuable assets offline. We have extensive experience and methods which allow us to seal leaks on delicate systems and in difficult locations without jeopardizing water chemistry, clogging instrumentation, or impeding check and safety valves. The money saved by our online repairs goes directly into your bottom line rather than being lost on the restoration of compromised systems.

Flange Leaks: Sample 1

Flange Leaks: Sample 2

Flange Leaks: Sample 3

Valve Kill: Sample 1

Valve Kill: Sample 2

Elbow and Fitting Leaks: Sample 1

Elbow and Fitting Leaks: Sample 2

Weld/Porosity Corrosion/Erosion Leaks: Sample 1

Weld/Porosity Corrosion/Erosion Leaks: Sample 2

Weld/Porosity Corrosion/Erosion Leaks: Sample 2

Freeze Stop: Sample 1

Freeze Stop: Sample 2

Other Applications

Case Study: Urea Reactor Header Pipeline

Situation: One of five Urea Reactors tied into a common header is in need of service (135°F, 160psi). Simultaneously, the isolation valve for this reactor has failed in the open position, making isolation of the single reactor impossible.

Challenge: Provide temporary isolation for this failed reactor, and allow for online replacement of its permanent isolation valve while maintaining flow and operation of common header.

Solution: "Linestopp" the failed Reactor's discharge piping at the common header, making possible an online replacement of failed isolation valve. There is no effect on the header or the remaining 4 reactors, which were able to remain online throughout the procedure.