Specialty Coatings

RJ Stacey offers expert pipeline and tank rehabilitation through the application of a wide variety of polymer and epoxy coatings. We offer these services as a standalone product when an outage is possible, or combined with our online leak repair services when an outage is not an option. We have teamed up with some of the most respected names in the industry to ensure a top-quality repair each and every time. We are DOT OQ trained and certified applicators for Citadel™ Composite Wrap system. Citadel™ provides an effective composite solution for abrasion, corrosion, gouges, and other forms of localized damage. As an engineered high-strength carbon epoxy system, Citadel™ can restore your degraded pipeline to its designed temperature and pressure parameters - up to 1600 psi at 270 °F. Citadel™ is a proven and thoroughly-tested process that meets both ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards. An RJ Stacey repair is a true repair, not just a bandage.

Thanks to material advances, Citadel™ Composite Wrap results in fewer plies and reduced thickness of finished repairs because of its greater strength and higher modulus of elasticity at elevated temperatures. The stitched carbon fabric provides efficient load transfer from the process piping to individual fibers while also improving long-term strength, making Citadel™ Composite Wrap a versatile solution for piping defects where clearance between pipes or supports is limited. Citadel™ Composite Wrap can be installed horizontally and vertically, and can conform to straight pipes, vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, elbows, and even complex systems such as reducers, tees, and blind flanges.

In situations where high-pressure containment is not the primary concern, RJ Stacey offers a number of other options. We are experienced and factory-trained in the application of a wide variety of 3M™ products, allowing us to select the solution that is the ideal match for your particular repair. Whether you’re facing repairs due to heavy abrasion, chemical attack, extreme temperatures or all three, our extensive training and experience allow us to make lasting repairs to lines and tanks containing products ranging from ammonia to zeolite at temperatures ranging from 0 °F to 395 °F.

For more detailed examples of these and other leak repairs, please view our sample projects section.

Case Study: Pulverized Coal Transfer Line

Situation: A 6" pulverized coal transfer line operating at 300°F , 5 psi is experiencing leaks on outside radius of several elbows. Pipe is stainless .750 wall showing severe erosion after only 7 months of service.

Challenge: Provide dependable repair to withstand severe erosion forces for up to 4 weeks, while engineering redesigns replacement fittings. Preparation and repair must be spark proof.

Solution: We provided chemical cleaning and hand abraded fittings to proper profile for application of repair products. We reinforced all outside radius with quick cure paste grade Ceramic which allows for quick build up to 100 mil thickness. Next, reinforcement tape and liquid grade Ceramic were applied to 50 mil thickness. Ceramic paste and liquid grades are both 100 Rockwell hardness affording exceptional erosion resistance, more so than the original piping which is <78 Rockwell. The repair lasted trouble free until scheduled outage 3 months later.

Case Study: Acid-Resistant Tank Repair

Situation: A non-potable water tank in service for aprox. 20 years is in need of a chemical resistant liner due to plant operational changes.

Challenge: The liner must resist a 15% sodium hypochlorite solution indefinitely. It must allow for multiple intakes and outlets. Also, it must be installed, cured, and ready for service in a 4 day outage.

Solution: We remove 20 years of debris with pneumatic chippers, followed by media blasting. Next we apply an exclusive epoxy polymer coating that is spray able without the use of a heated dual component sprayer. This one of a kind product and application process allows for an exceptional liner in an unlikely amount of time.