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Industrial Freeze Stop Services

Pipeline freezing provides a safe and reliable process of pipeline isolation while downstream repairs are completed.

Freeze Stop Process

RJ Stacey utilizes both Co2 and Nitrogen freeze equipment; determining case by case which is best for a particular job. Co2 systems are lighter making it advantageous for difficult locations within a plant. While Nitrogen is valued for its fast results. Both systems bring the chosen segment of your pipeline below -200°F freezing the liquid inside to create a safe and durable isolation plug.

Before determining which process should be used an evaluation must be done of the pipeline product, orientation, flow rate, turbulence, and many other factors. Once a freeze is determined practical, we affix the appropriate jacket onto the pipe at the desired location to isolate. At this point, a regulated process begins with the introduction of the liquid Nitrogen (Co2), at predetermined intervals of flow and no flow. Results are determined using thermocouple temperature, as well as visible markers of frost rings. Downstream pressure is bled off and a viable Freeze Plug is proven.

Dependable Options to fit Your Specific Needs

Our technicians have been thoroughly trained and our staff has decades of experience to draw upon. We utilize proven written procedures to streamline this process. Combined with the best equipment made the results are a dependable team you can trust to perform.

freezing and welding

We routinely freeze pipes up to 24” in diameter carrying products including water, brines, slurries, oils, and fuels. A properly installed “Freeze Plug” can withstand up to 8000psi making it the most robust of isolations.

Our process meets standards of operation for a range of highly regulated industries, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). When accurately performed, a freeze stop will not alter the metallurgy of your pipeline in any way.

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