RJ Stacey
ISN #400-188277 Avetta #65565

Products & Fittings On Hand

We work a number of the world's top manufacturers in our field, ensuring we can always find the ideal parts for our customers' solutions.

In-House Capabilities

During a plant incident, long lead times can make or break a positive outcome. In case of emergency, RJ Stacey stores finished parts ready for our most common applications and sizes. However, maintaining a stock of the odd dimensions and one-off applications has always been difficult. To solve this problem, we keep an equally large stock of 80% parts on hand. In many instances, we can complete these parts with customized outlet dimensions, outlet angles, bolting options, etc. in hours not days.

Leak Sealing Compounds

RJ Stacey has over 27 Proprietary injectable sealants designed for sealing all kinds of leaks. The capabilities of these sealants range from injections into boiler feedwater without altering chemistry(RJS720), to non-set sealants for rotary packings (RJS99), to sealants rated to withstand 2300°F. These Sealants are appropriate for just about every application imaginable in your facility. We can solve your emergent leak seal problem, with a lasting repair product that won’t cause unwanted side effects.

Leak Seal Clamps and Fittings

Our clamps and fittings are typically available either off the shelf or with a 24hour turn around in an emergency. We have designs that have been used in thousands of applications at all pressure and temperature ranges seen in power plants, refineries, steel mills, automotive and more. Typical enclosures are fully machined from billet steel or aluminum appropriate to the application. Where welding is needed, it is always accompanied by an “R” stamp for pressure vessel service. Full engineering calculations available on request.

Line Stopping Fittings

RJ Stacey stocks common size Linestop fittings for weld-on applications as well as bolt-on for nonferrous applications. Our “Refinery Grade” fittings are complete with Material Trace Certifications and Full Engineering Calculations. We also stock many “Waterworks Fittings” with the appropriate Certifications. For B31.3 applications not requiring Split t’s, we stock completion flanges of all sizes that can be used in nozzle applications with Weldolets.

Thermowell Nozzles

Available in custom sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Most typical welded Thermowell nozzle sizes .750npt and 1.0” npt on the shelf.