RJ Stacey
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Blast Furnace Services & Repair

Integrated Mills

Our foundations working in blast furnaces and steel mills give us a deep understanding of what is required to keep these operations up and running at peak performance levels.

Integrated steel mills contain an incredibly varied list of components, each with its own unique characteristics and maintenance requirements. Over the past 40-plus years, we have innovated and designed highly efficient procedures that are specifically tailored to these requirements. We have built a solid reputation as a respected authority in this area. We understand the gas hazards, the lack of accurate prints, the years of deferred maintenance. Our roots in this field help us predict and interpret your needs.

Our Areas of expertise include thousands of repairs in:

  • Stove Shell Hot Spots
  • Coke plant operations – COG – Ammonia – Flushing Liquor
  • Compressed air/nitrogen
  • Windmain leaks
  • Cooling rings leaks
  • Steam piping bypass and leak repairs
  • Thermowell live installs
  • Furnace goosenecks leaks
  • Hot Blast valves – Warp/Cut Flanges – Leaking
  • Omega Joints
  • Hot Taps through shell and firebrick
  • Millwater – erosion – corrosion
  • Mixer valves
  • Freeing clogged valves using injectable cleaners
  • Caustics/lined piping leaks
  • BFG Gas leaks
  • Dustcatcher leaks

Hot Spot Repairs with Stove in Service

RJ Stacey was the pioneer of Hot-Spot in-service pressure grouting. We have been successfully performing this service for over 20 years. We have developed methods that allow us to inject refractory grout directly into the annulus between the stove or boiler shell and the damaged firebrick inside. Our procedure was developed to include special high-temperature injections ports that require no welding to the shell. In addition, we use our own specially formulated injectable grout. This grout is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to 2,300°F as well as vibration.

We use special custom-made pumps and grout headers with built-in pressure relief to ensure safety. In this manner, RJ Stacey can inject hot spots with the boiler or stove in full operation. Our level of innovation allows us to work with difficult variables avoiding shutdowns whenever possible. We have a long list of satisfied clients in both ironmaking as well as boiler applications.

Case Study:

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