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Industrial Pipeline Leak Repair Services
Stopping leaks... not your business.

Online leak repairs are regularly completed by RJ Stacey on any pressure – from vacuum to 6,500 psi, and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 2,500°F. Our advanced methods allow these repairs to be made effectively on a wide variety of leaks without taking valuable assets offline. We have extensive experience and methods which allow us to seal leaks on delicate systems without jeopardizing water chemistry, clogging instrumentation, or impeding check and safety valves. We have developed over 27 proprietary sealants each with unique chemical, and mechanical properties, ensuring a long-lasting repair.

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What is possible…

Almost any leak can be addressed online. We have decades of success performing these repairs on thousands of applications including steam, process chemicals, hydrocarbons, stack gasses, service and potable water to name a few.

The most Common applications include:

Valve Packing Leaks

One of the most common online repairs, our sealants are made of materials like original factory packing. Unlike older solutions, the RJ Stacey process leaves the valve fully operable when the repair is complete. An injector is installed, and then sealant is injected directly into the stuffing box of the valve.

Flange Leaks

Custom-designed repair clamps can be installed over the outside diameter of leaking flanges, followed by an injection of sealant into the void between the flange faces and the repair clamp. This creates a very effective long-term repair that is suitable for virtually any temperature or pressure, containing even the most severe leaks. For lower pressure applications, economical wire wraps or flange peening are available where appropriate.

Valve Kills

A valve kill is performed when a valve in the “closed” position is not holding. We install an injector on the upstream side of the valve (or directly into the valve seat, depending on configuration) and inject a sealant to stop the flow through it. As with valve packing leaks, RJ Stacey sealants do not leave the valve inoperable and the sealant can be blown out into drains at the next scheduled outage.

Elbow and Fitting Leaks

These leaks can be repaired online with the aid of a sealant containment vessel. First, the vessel is installed to contain the leak, then it is injected with a sealant that produces a 100% seal. At this point, the mechanical vessel can be seal-welded for a permanent repair or left as-is until the next scheduled outage when conventional repairs can be made. Entire valves (such as those with severe cracks due to winter freezing) have been encapsulated and repaired in this manner.

Weld Porosity/Corrosion Leaks

Leaks of this type are repaired in a manner very similar to the one outlined for elbow and fitting leaks (above).

Other applications

RJ Stacey has made thousands of online repairs including tanks, lined pipe, ducts, expansion joints, hydraulic systems, and every other conceivable situation. If your plant is considering a shutdown due to an “impossible” leak… give us a call.

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