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Thermowell & Immersion Probe Installation

RJ Stacey has been specializing in thermowell installations for some of the world’s largest industrial companies for over 40 years.

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A thermowell is installed in the pipeline to measure key pipeline activity. It collects data points such as temperature, pressure, flow rates, etc. This device allows operators to better understand the performance of their pipelines, troubleshoot turbulence issues, chemical inputs, and operate with better predictability and efficiency. Historically the only way to install a thermowell was a full system shutdown and a torch. Now RJ Stacey provides in service, full pressure, installation of new thermowells anywhere in your system, anytime you want.

The simple process consists of:

  • Welding on Thermowell nozzles (bolt-on available for nonferrous applications)
  • Attach Specialty RJ Stacey Thermasettter Valve to nozzle
  • Perform hot tap of system operating at up to 700°F and up to 1480psig
  • Set any standard thermowell from .500npt to 1.500 npt at full operating pressure up to 700°F and 1480psi with RJ Stacey Thermawell Setting machine.
  • Once thermowell is set Thermasetter valve can be removed. Job complete.

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Case Study:

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