Chicago Area Water Authority


Tap and linestop a 20” ductile iron water line operating at 100psi and ambient temperature. The client needed a temporary linestop in order to cut in a new spool piece to provide valving on the 20” main. The client also requested a permanent 10” bypass be constructed. Due to a very limited amount of pipe in the vault, there was only room for one tapping/stopping fitting. The client wanted a solution that would allow both the linestop and a permanent bypass without an additional excavation to expose more pipe in a crowded City workspace.


RJ Stacey, with the help of project engineers from our supplier, designed a 20x12x10 tapping/ linestop fitting that would accommodate all requirements in one fitting. This linestop fitting included the side discharge 10” bypass, a top side 12” for linestop machine, and was built to a more robust standard to withstand the additional torque created by the leverage from the extra fitting length. The fitting would require our MOD760 tapping machine with 66” of bar travel.


The fitting and equipment versatility RJ Stacey provided allowed the system owner to meet their project requirements without extra excavation or modifications to the already constructed vault. The project proceeded on schedule and on budget.

The Inman tap